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Welcome To Team Build Machine

Published on Nov 19th, 2023 10:57 am

Important Info On How To Use Team Build Machine! 

This site is specifically designed to help you get ACTIVE and PAID referrals for any online business opportunity you wish to promote to our members.  

To use this site effectively you should do the following things:

1. Click the ads in the EARN SECTION to earn a little cash

Log in to each site and complete some earning tasks inside that site on a daily basis

This is a very important part of the site - our advertisers pay higher fees to get ACTIVE team members and not just ad clicks.  In return you are paid much higher amounts for your ad clicks than you will get on other sites. 

2. Stay Active For Extra Bonuses

When you are actively using each site on a daily basis you can qualify for special bonuses too. 

To qualify for bonuses you should visit our Forum and add an update on your earning balance each day. You will see the bonus available for making progress with each site. 

3. Add Your Own Ads

Simply use some of the funds you earn from viewing the ads to create your own adverts.  

This will gain active team members on your site which will increase your income levels. 

You will need to have at least 1 ad running to qualify for a withdrawal from this site...... This rule means there will be LOADS of ads, and LOADS of cash to earn by clicking on them..... 

4.  Work On Making Constant Progress

When ready to move from using free earning sites to paid ones you will need to upgrade your account. 

Only upgraded members get to see the paid opportunity ads.  This stops free members from clicking on ads for opportunities that they are not ready to join yet.  Paying for your upgrade shows us that you are ready to progress to these higher level income streams. 

Upgraded members will also earn more for each ad click.....

5. Advertise Team Build Machine

It is important that every member of Team Build Machine does a little bit of advertising.  Without new members joining the site our system will not work, so we teach everyone how to do this effectively too. 

Promote Team Build Machine to keep fresh eyes seeing your ads. 

Of course I will be doing a huge amount of promoting too!

6. Do NOT open more than 1 account - you will be immediately suspended. 

Our system will immediately ban anyone who tries to open more than 1 account.  The use of VPN's etc does not fool our system... 

7. Enjoy Earning Without Cheating

Working online is a lot of fun and is very easy when you learn and understand how to do it properly.  Trying to cheat will only make it harder.  Cheating is being disrespectful to others, scamming, sharing scams, trying to use the forum for promoting etc etc.  I will ban anyone who is found cheating with NO removal of that ban. 

Play fair, respect this site as well as our members and I will do my best to teach you everything you need to know..... 

Visit the FORUM for fun challenges that will teach you a lot AND make you money at the same time. 

Thanks for being a member..... 

Ellie xx

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