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Published on Feb 19th, 2024 08:39 am

Happy Monday! It was great to have a few days to think about TBM over the weekend and the changes I will be making. Here is an outline:
The funding part of my plan for GDI is no longer related to ad clicks.... that is now separate and provided as SPONSORSHIP. This is basically so I can fund people who actually see the value in what I am doing instead of people joining just to get a withdrawal from TBM and then cancelling their accounts..... It will also be much less time consuming for me in terms of admin.
I have changed the ad click value....... so you will no longer be earning $0.50 per day for doing ad clicks HOWEVER my plan is to provide a lot more value within these ads. My new Team Building Strategy ads will focus on teaching, providing team building blog posts that you can copy into your own GDI blogs, providing lead capture pages, lead magnets, email copy, etc etc etc.

In other words we will move the focus away from PTC earnings and firmly back toward team building activities. This will be much more appealing for those who are genuinely interested in Team Building and less appealing to those just wanting to make easy ad click money..... so it resolves an issue in our audience targeting. That alone should make the ads on TBM a lot more effective.

I think these changes will make TBM MUCH better long term and I do apologise for making a wrong decision with it. I did not expect there to be so much resistance in teaching people how to earn $3000+ per month instead of $10 😛

Now for the last point..... which I have tormented myself over to try and find an alternative solution. There is currently a lot of money in TBM accounts - over $9000. Had these funds been used to join GDI as was intended there would not be an issue, but that money has not been used as intended and so I need to remove it from accounts. Those funds will now be getting moved into Purchase Balances to allow for the transition into the new system. I know that is going to cause some negativity and distress and I am truly sorry for this. I simply can't fund withdrawals that are not going into our team build. This way our members still have purchase value from their work on doing ad clicks.

I hope you understand that I was simply naive in not foreseeing the problem of people not using the funds as I had intended....

Anyone who is waiting for a withdrawal from TBM to fund their GDI accounts will get funded via the Team Build Machine Coaching & Sponsorship Program

I think the changes I am making now will be much better long term and will put TBM on the map as a true TEAM BUILD MACHINE.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please do let me know via support.

I am expecting to get a lot of messages, so please be patient - I will reply ASAP. 
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