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Purchase Balances

Published on Feb 27th, 2024 07:41 am

I have now completed moving all funds to purchase balances, and reduced the ad click values as previously notified.  This is to avoid attracting many cheaters who put the site under enormous pressure.  

As thousands of members have already earned the funds but not joined GDI, which was funding the ad values, the reduction in ad values is unavoidable.  

Despite earning high amounts for ad clicks and not joining GDI as was required in our terms and conditions I have decided to still honor the withdrawals...... however this will need to happen gradually.  There is just under $10,000 currently in purchase balances and funds need to be earned by me to honor the withdrawal of these funds.  

You can now use purchase balances to buy a special membership upgrade.  This will add you to the waiting list for payment.  I will endeavor to make the payments ASAP.  Please be patient, this is not going to happen overnight. 

Ellie xx

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