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Withdrawal Requests

Published on Jan 31st, 2024 12:46 pm


43 withdrawal requests have been refunded this week as members have not joined our team on GDI. 

You MUST be on our GDI team to qualify for a withdrawal from Team Build Machine.  This is NOT a simple PTC site.....

I provide the earning system here of $10 per month so our members can earn high level monthly income.

Instead of just ad click funds which is usually a few dollars per month,
I plan to help EVERYONE to reach $1000+ per month ASAP.

I know this is life changing income for many people.
It takes time to reach $1000+ per month, but the team is steadily growing daily.

If you wish to join us you can use this link:

If you need help to register, or need a payment card to allow you to join please open a support request. 

Ellie xx



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