How To Use Team Build Machine

Started by ellieo Jan 25th, 2024 at 13:41
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Jan 25th, 2024 at 13:41

Team Build Machine is a site that has a single purpose: To help all members to earn more and more online by making team building easier.  

Team Build Machine is NOT a Pay To Click site...... it is a Team Building Site. 

Everyone knows that getting referrals is key to earning a high level income online, but most people struggle with this part of the industry.

I have personally worked online for over 10 years, and taught myself how to become a Team Build Machine.  Now I want to use my skills and knowledge to help remove the barriers to success that accompany team building.  This is why I set up this site.

Team Build Machine helps you to earn more in 2 ways: 

All of the ads I have running are referral rotator ads that help to provide team members to each person who joins the free to join sites that we recommend.  You just need to join these sites via the big coloured buttons you see when you click the ads, then send your referral links to me via support.  

Team Build Machine now pays members $0.35+ per day for clicking ads so that everyone can earn $10 per month by completing the ad clicks.

The funds provided from doing ad clicks on Team Build Machine are available to give our members a free way to gain access onto our main team build program.  

The funds provided on this site are NOT available for withdrawal to anyone who has not joined that program.  

Why? There is no way to sustain paying people who have not joined our team! The team needs to keep growing to pay for the ads...

It is the funds that I personally earn from the team build that allow me to pay high rates for ad clicks.  Every penny I earn from it is put back into building the team so EVERYONE earns more and more.  This allows our members to finally succeed in building a high-level monthly income of $3,905 per month as shown below: 

To achieve this income each member of the team just needs to gain 5 paid referrals. 

These referrals can be provided by Team Build Machine because ALL members are asked to join us.  The more people who join, the more each member of the team will earn. Everyone earns from all the people placed under them down 5 levels. 

As we provide the $10 per month that covers the costs of joining it means we can add a huge number of people to the team.  

Wouldn't you rather earn $3000+ per month instead of just $10? If yes then THIS is the way to achieve it.  

Ellie xx