What happened to the site?

Started by brahimbboudina Mar 16th, 2024 at 22:16
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Mar 16th, 2024 at 22:16

Hi Ellie
I was absent from your site for a while, but when I returned, a lot changed, the most important of which was the appearance of a new rule for withdrawing and paying $10 and the like, and my balance that I had been collecting for days turned into a purchase balance without even a warning and your site was classified as fraudulent on some sites. My friend, you were good before, and even when you asked us. Advertising to get our money. I agreed with you, but after you asked us to join a team and spend 10 dollars to withdraw 2 dollars, and there are no guarantees for anything, this is unreasonable to me. Just be like the owners of other sites, AdBuxPro, for example, it does not ask for anything to withdraw money. Just watch the ads, complete the offers, and withdraw your money, and it is now. Successful and one of the best sites, and for me it is the best site ever. Sorry for the inconvenience and good luck.